destination: Puerto Rico

Vacation is a time to unplug, get inspired, and regain excitement for your everyday life. Part of where I draw inspiration from are the places I visit. Puerto Rico didn’t disappoint! There was something about the trip being half island life, half city dwelling that made for a truly romantic and dynamic vacation. Getting engaged on Flamenco beach was definitely a highlight, but there was so much more. The art, the music, the food and the people were incredible. So much to see and experience. On the island, our preferred mode of transportation was by golf cart. We explored most of the beaches, some requiring a pretty decent hike to get to, and others were previously used for U.S. Navy bombing practice, so it was important to stay on the path. As if I needed any more excuses to follow the rules. On the island of Culebra, life was simple. When we arrived back in San Juan for the last leg of the trip, it was a whole new dynamic. So many more options of things to see, live music, history, and so much food. The streets were painted gorgeous sun-kissed colors and most alleyways were decorated in street art.