This year I took back my free-lance, -time, -dom

It’s funny, since I can remember, I have always had a side hustle. Even when my main income was a bunch of side hustles, I always managed to squeeze in an odd job here or there to make what I needed. For the longest time, I freelanced out of necessity, and also a drive to create more work and create space where I could lose myself in the work. Over time, freelance projects started to get bigger and more in-depth. There was more communication, coaching and guidance than design, and while I loved what I was doing for small businesses and event design, it was very draining after a full day at work doing similar things.

So when I got engaged, I decided to focus entirely on that as a project and turn away other work. It wasn’t until a month before the wedding that I turned away my recurring clients (not without referring them to amazing other freelancers and making sure there work was handled). Just like that, I had afternoons, and weekends without deadlines. It didn’t feel like free time until the wedding was over. It didn’t take long before I was back to scheming what projects I would want to resurrect and new projects I wanted to take on. I stopped myself to think about the opportunity I had in front of me. To change the kind of work I do, to be more intentional and to finally say no more. I mean, I am now in my thirties and people that this is the decade of saying “no”, so why not!?

I pared down my projects, one client project, one personal project, and a vow to stay to true to what freelance was suppose to be all along; an escape from the day-to-day where I lose myself in the work. Where I binge listen to new music, old music, and forget where I am. It’s getting harder and harder to carve out the time to do it. The creative process can be so impulsive and come in waves, but this year, the goal is to enjoy the ride.